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We are your technology team – the ones with the know-how to determine what technology you need, how to procure and build it, how to keep it up and running, and how to get full value from it. We work for you. We’re not beholden to manufacturers. We are independent technology experts who are focused only on your success.

To ensure that your needs are met, we really get to know and understand your business – what you need now, and what’s going to be important down the line. And then we recommend smart, proportional, hard-working solutions that enable you to leverage your technology investment to advance your business objectives.

We are independent technology experts focused only on your success.

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+ - Who We Are

FinePoint is a collaborative team of hands-on specialists who provide holistic technology consulting services, from master planning, design, programming and commissioning to ongoing technology management and support. In other words, No parts – Just smarts.

+ - What We Do

FinePoint offers a breadth of expertise and knowledge in every stage of the design and implementation process, including solution design, project management, programming, quality analysis, and ongoing support. Our diverse experience with technology at every stage of the design and implementation process allows us to transform your needs into practical solutions.

+ - Our Promise to You

We will understand your business and identify your technology needs to bring your solution to life. We know you have options when it comes to choosing a consulting, design, commissioning, and tech support partner. That’s why we constantly communicate, deliver on deadlines, and support our solutions.

Trusted Partner

We provide services with integrity and deliver on our promises.

Solutions Experts

We've been here before. Your project won’t be our learning curve.

Problem Solvers

We like a challenge and know there is no one solution for everything.


Technology can be complex. Using it doesn't have to be.