AV & IT Commissioning


At FinePoint, we believe AV and IT commissioning is critical to the success of any new technology integration project. Unfortunately, it’s frequently not given the focus required to ensure a new or upgraded system meets requirements and expectations. Commissioning is more than turning on the system, then pushing a few buttons and concluding it works. Instead, a careful step-by-step process is required to validate each system component and test to see that they operate together as designed.

Whether it’s a high-five or a handshake at the end of a successful project, we never want to walk away until a project is complete. To be done entirely, we feel a project must go through a rigorous commissioning process. Therefore, our AV and IT commissioning services are critical to moving a project across the finish line and into system operation. We offer this service to hold ourselves and your completed system to high standards so you can have the confidence you need to do your best work.

  • System Configuration

  • System Validation

  • Training

  • Signal Analysis

AV & IT Commissioning Project Examples

System Configuration

Any integrated technology system requires a final configuration where system inputs and outputs, devices, and overall framework are finalized and settings are saved. FinePoint has countless hours of expertise in system configuration, ensuring your system operates as designed.

Signal Analysis

FinePoint prides itself on having the latest testing equipment to analyze video signals and network connectivity. Our cable analysis process localizes and isolates any glitches or signal issues that may be creating digital data loss. We can then troubleshoot what’s causing the problem and return your system to proper working order.

System Validation

FinePoint’s validation process verifies that a product, service, or system meets requirements and specifications and fulfills its intended purpose. This is a critical component of any quality management system like AVIXA ISO and AVAQ AV9000 standards.


FinePoint offers expert training in many of the systems we commission. From meeting room AV control to electronic security and broadcast production systems, our technical training staff can help you get the most out of your technology investment.

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