InfoComm 2023 Highlights

InfoComm 2023 Highlights

The Future We Were Promised

While we still have a way to go before everyone gets a flying car and jet pack, some of the technology at InfoComm 2023 last week showed glimpses of the future of Pro AV. One of our Principal Consultants, Bennett Olson, was there to check out the latest tech. Here are just a few things at the show that caught his eye. There is also a Best of Show awards link at the end of the blog for a list of more tech worth taking a closer look at.

With the new spatial reality displays, you can experience authentic and natural 3D spatial images for various applications. It would be an excellent engineering, architecture, and training solution.

A New Perspective on Collaboration

The Microsoft Teams Front Row room experience has become popular for organizations that have adopted the platform. Front Row is a Teams Room layout that allows in-room meeting participants to see a row of remote attendees at eye level with presentation content, chat, and other collaboration tools displayed above them.

The new 21:9 extended displays that were shown at InfoComm take full advantage of the layout, providing a more natural experience for in-room participants. The additional screen space integrates seamlessly into collaborative meetings where a hybrid workforce spends much of their time. The ultra-wide screen and 5k resolution also create a richer, more productive meeting experience.

Here’s one example from the show. 105 Ultra-Wide – MAXHUB (

AI Meeting Production

We all know that AI will impact what we do at some point, and it looks like the time is almost here for those who produce live meeting productions.

Drawing inspiration from the world of TV and film, these new AI-driven meeting room production solutions transform your video meetings into seamless studio-like productions. The system uses three cameras to capture meeting participants from various perspectives, granting a vantage point to observe non-verbal cues such as gestures and facial expressions. Operating like a seasoned TV director, the embedded AI director switches between cameras, expertly selecting the optimal shot to showcase at any given moment.

The new solutions are designed to provide high-quality, AI-powered video meetings on all the major platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. Thanks to its modular design, the system can easily be configured to suit various room layouts. They are ideal for organizations seeking a future-proof, scalable, and sustainable solution.

Learn more about what’s to come. Introducing the world’s first AI-directed multi-camera system. | Huddly

Spatial Reality Displays

One of the coolest AV tech products we came across is a 27″ display that allows you to visualize detailed 3D content without glasses or goggles. High-precision spatial images and high-speed processing make the experience immersive and intuitive. With the new tech, you can experience authentic and natural 3D spatial images for various engineering, architecture, and training applications.

See the demo video for application examples and to learn more. ELF-SR2 Spatial Reality Display – Sony Pro

Best of Show

To find out what some of the other cool technology from InfoComm was this year, see the Best of Show winners list for InfoComm 2023 from AV Technology, Digital Signage, and Tech & Learning.

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