Teams and Zoom Cloud Production

Corporate Media Production Trends

Teams and Zoom Cloud Production

New cloud-based production solutions provide multiple benefits and increased production values for corporate media departments using Teams and Zoom platforms. The latest solutions allow the capture of 4K and HD 1080p video with isolated audio tracks and use SRT for low-latency connections. As a result, any live-streaming event or video conference meeting can have professional-looking broadcast video and audio production values that properly showcase a company’s commitment to quality. These new solutions also have advanced features such as IFB (Interruptible Foldback), allowing producers to communicate with talent while on camera.

A key feature supported by these new corporate media solutions includes IFB (Interruptible Foldback) technology, which is a feature that allows producers to communicate with on-air talent while they are on camera.

Raise the Bar on Production Values

With support for multiple video inputs, including HDMI, SDI, and USB, these new solutions allow businesses to capture video from various sources, including screens, cameras, and microphones. They also support audio input from multiple sources, including XLR, TRS, and RCA. In addition, customizable layout features allow businesses to create a personalized view of their video content. For example, users can add branding, titles, and graphics and resize and reposition video sources to create a professional-looking live stream.

Other features include virtual green rooms where you can communicate with event participants before production. During the production, a virtual confidence monitor inside your Teams call offers an SRT return-feed so participants can see how they look in the broadcast. Another key benefit is the ability to control who the audience hears in your broadcast by isolating participant audio into separate tracks. In addition, the new cloud solutions easily enable businesses to live stream their video content to various platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and custom RTMP servers.

Introducing a Key Broadcast Feature – IFB

A key feature supported by these new corporate media solutions includes IFB (Interruptible Foldback) technology, which is a feature that allows producers to communicate with on-air talent while they are on camera.

IFB technology allows producers or directors to communicate with the presenter or talent without the audience hearing what is being said. This is achieved by sending a separate audio feed to the presenter that only they can hear, which is typically a low-level talkback signal.

There are a variety of scenarios in which IFB can play a critical role. For example, during a live stream, a producer may need to communicate with the presenter to provide direction or feedback or to relay questions from the audience. The use of IFB technology ensures that this communication can take place without the audience hearing it, preserving the professional appearance of the live stream.

Keep it Secure with SRT

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) technology provides secure, high-quality video streaming over unreliable networks like the public internet.

New Teams and Zoom Cloud production solutions use SRT technology to deliver video streams securely and with minimal latency. SRT provides end-to-end video stream encryption, protecting it from interception or tampering by unauthorized parties. SRT also provides advanced error correction and congestion control features, ensuring the video stream is delivered reliably and with minimal interruption. SRT in Teams and Zoom productions makes it ideal for corporate use cases where security is a top priority.

Overall, adopting the latest Teams and Zoom cloud production solutions enhances the ability of corporate media departments to produce high-quality live streams, allowing them to communicate with presenters and talent in real-time while maintaining a professional and polished appearance for the audience.