Technology Consulting


FinePoint provides technology consulting services that increase the cost-effectiveness and end-user productivity of any audiovisual, broadcast, security system, or telecommunications design project. Technology can be complicated, and designing, deploying, and integrating these solutions can be challenging, especially with new products coming to market every month.

Getting started with the right solutions and system design to meet project requirements and goals is a critical first step to a successful new build or facility technology upgrade. We are here to simplify the consulting steps with jargon-free technical discussions and easy-to-understand user workflow examples.

With our years of experience and hands-on approach, FinePoint is a valued technology consulting partner that can manage all aspects of your new technology project, including division 27 and 28 requirements.

  • Future Insights

  • Needs Assessment

  • Cost Optimization

  • Gap Analysis

  • Risk Identification

  • Recommended Solutions

  • UI Development

  • Project Management

  • Pre-Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documents

  • Bidding Support

  • Construction Administration

Consulting Project Examples

Technology Needs Analysis

We evaluate your day-to-day operations and workflows to find where your technology needs are most critical. In the process, we can uncover challenges and operational roadblocks that could significantly impact productivity and effectiveness. Then we do what we do best, recommend and design holistic technology solutions that help you achieve your vision of success.

Technology Budget Development

Our years of experience and expertise will help you develop a budget with which you can be confident and comfortable moving forward. In addition, you can be assured that our independent technology consultation will only recommend exactly what is needed to meet your goals and not try to add extra products to the mix.

Technology Master Planning

Empowering our clients is what we do. Working hand-in-hand, we will develop a master plan for all your short and long-term technology needs. Supported by this master plan, you can confidently establish budgets and schedules and proactively make decisions that allow you to get the most return from your technology investment.

Contractor/Vendor Selection

With your project goals and requirements in mind, we’ll help you select the right partner to provide the best system to meet your needs and budget. Our independent technology consultation and management services bring a fair and balanced approach to the selection process.

Technology services for organizations of all shapes and sizes, let’s stay in touch.