Design & Engineering


We prefer to approach technology design and engineering projects by first writing a design narrative. It combines the scope of work requirements with examples of how your organization will use the technology. This information allows us to customize our audiovisual, broadcast, security, and telecommunications design to your organization’s specific workflows and preferences.

Once we determine an overall design, we generate specifications that recommend specific technology that we know will be a perfect fit for your goals and applications. FinePoint takes pride in using the same technology we recommend to our clients, so we know what product performance and system productivity should be expected. We even have a test lab to review new products as they are introduced to the market to better educate ourselves and our clients.

Our design team uses industry-leading CAD/BIM software to create construction drawings for project installations. We are also experts in using the latest modeling and analysis software to clearly understand how our designs will behave in the real world once they are integrated. In addition, our technology designs consider the need for process improvement planning as your needs change over time.

  • Existing Conditions Assessment

  • Program Document Preparation

  • Design Guidelines Preparation

  • Construction Documents

  • Drawings & Specifications

  • Bid Package Preparation

  • Construction Administration

  • Schedule and Implementation Planning

  • Peer Review

  • Network Analysis

  • Commissioning and Validation

Design & Engineering Project Examples

Audio Visual Design

  • Meeting presentation
  • Video conferencing
  • Sound masking & paging
  • Large venue audio
  • Classroom & training
  • Courtroom audio
  • Electronic evidence
  • IPTV & digital signage
  • Control systems

Telecommunications Design

  • Structured cabling
  • Wireless networks
  • DAS systems
  • Building backbones
  • Network planning

Broadcast Engineering

  • Studios and production
  • Media storage
  • Media management
  • Production trucks
  • Master Control & playout

Security System Design

  • Access control
  • Control rooms
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion detection
  • Emergency notification

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