Tech Throwback Thursday for March

Tech Throwback Thursday

Tech Throwback Thursday for March

It’s time for another Tech Throwback Thursday. As we work with audiovisual and broadcast tech and are avid technology fans at home, we want to pay tribute to the innovations and inventors who helped start the industries for which we are grateful.

This month, we’re highlighting the TK-42 color TV camera made by RCA. The image above shows the back of the camera. Here’s another one to show off the size of these early color TV cameras. This one weighed in at 280 lbs!

RCA camera side

In the early 1960s, television underwent a transformative shift with the introduction of the TK42. The camera combined the image quality of older black-and-white TV cameras with the vibrant color of more recent cameras.

At the heart of the TK42’s innovation lay its utilization of three 1-inch Videocon tubes—one for each primary color: red, green, and blue, and one for luminance (black and white). The introduction of the TK42 not only marked a significant technological achievement but also laid the groundwork for the adoption of color television as the new standard for local broadcast stations. As a result, audiences were treated to a more immersive and engaging viewing experience, forever changing how we interacted with the medium.

Visit the Pavek Museum in St. Louis Park and see for yourself just how large these early TV cameras were and how far we’ve come. The museum has an extensive curated collection of antique radios, televisions, and broadcast equipment and offers tours and live demonstrations.