WiFi Planning


A strong and seamless wireless network for most organizations can only come from having proper WiFi planning. A hit or miss approach that addresses problem spots just when they occur serves only to lower productivity and raise frustrations. Having a plan to analyze WiFi coverage and then implementing a design that meets those requirements is key to preventing network support fires due to WiFi issues.

FinePoint’s WiFi services offer a strategic approach to surveying and testing WiFi coverage. We use the latest tools and expertise to troubleshoot and design your wireless network, whether a mission-critical application or BYOD environment. Our on-site surveys and analysis reporting will show you precisely what is needed to avoid having your IT team deal with a dropped signal or slow data rate issues that always seem to happen at the worst possible time.

  • Wireless Assessment

  • Spectrum Analysis

  • WiFi Heatmap Simulations

  • Predictive Design

  • Validation Surveys

  • Custom Reporting

  • Channel Coordination

  • Ekahau Certified

FinePoint Wireless Services video

WiFi Planning Assessment & Analysis

We walk project sites using the latest survey software and tools to gather existing RF performance measurements. The collected data is used to confirm existing RF coverage, assess issues, and formulate new or relocated WAP placement.

Validation Surveys

FinePoint validates wireless designs by physically walking project sites using survey software and tools to gather real-time RF performance measurements. This is a crucial step in assuring that your wireless network is fully functional and meets your requirements.

WiFi Surveys & Predictive Design

Both newly constructed spaces and older facilities will benefit from a strategic wireless network planning phase. We use professional software to model predicted RF coverage of WAP locations based on the surrounding environment, material attenuation values, and architectural features.

Custom Reporting

FinePoint provides a custom report for each of our projects that includes WAP placement and RF performance measurements for your records.

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